Shinpei Hayashiya

Born October 26, 1955. Trained under Hayashiya Sanpei and promoted to shin-uchi
(a principal performer) in 1990. Besides performing classical and contemporary rakugo, he holds various unique events. Having produced gGodzilla x Desugirasuh and gGamera 4,h he is well-regarded by special effects film fans not only in Japan but also overseas.

REIGO The Deep-sea Monster VS The Battleship Yamato
(HD Digital/color/81min/16:9/DTS Stereo/Japan/Japanese/2007)
director : Shinpei Hayashiya

monster horror /sci-fi
In the midst of World War II, the battleship Yamato , the pride of the Japanese navy , along with the other ships of the Combined Fleet are lurking in the South Sea in the waters of the Truk Islands.
Ensign Kaido Takeshi, (Sugiura Taiyo) is one of the officers serving on the Yamato on the front lines of the naval war, while his childhood sweetheart, Chie, (Nanami Mai) awaits his return back in their hometown. They were lovers, but Kaido, uncertain of the future, went off to serve his country without publicly declaring his love for Chie. Yet, he still carries her photo in his jacket pocket, always. One day, the Combined Fleet spots what is believed to be an enemy submarine and commences firing. The attack is a success, however what sinks to the sea bottom is not a submarine at all but a massive mysterious creature that will later bring disaster upon the fleet.


Executive Producer: Toshiro IYOKI / Producers: Yuichi ASADA & Show TSUCHIDA / Design of Creatures: Keita AMEMIYA / Plastic Art: Tomoo HARAGUCHI & Shinichi WAKASA / VFX: Katsuo KAWAZOE & Hajime MATSUMOTO / Cinematographer: Masayuki NAKAZAWA & Satoshi MURAKAMI / Production Design: Naoya YOSHIDA & Atsushi TAKAHARA / Music Producer: Kenichi KAMIO

(C)2007Reigo Assosiates

RAIGA, the Monster from the Deep Sea
(HD Digital/color/85min/16:9/Stereo/Japan/Japanese/2009)

director : Shinpei Hayashiya
monster horror/sci-fi

A Traditional Japanese Monster vs A Bunch of War gOTAKU(fanatic)h
Whofll be the Winner?!

Sixty years have passed since the war between a deep-sea monster called REIGO and the battleship YAMATO. The time is now, in the midst of global warming that is disrupting the ecosystem on the Earth. A strange occurrence takes place along coastal waters in the Sea of Japan. A huge and mysterious creature, seemingly hunting whales, attacks a tanker and is rushing toward Tokyo Bay. A fishing boat operating in the bay has caught the strange creature, but then it mysteriously disappears after an explosionc

Yukijiro HOTARU as Hajime, the father of three sisters
Miyu ORIYAMA as Matsuri, the second daughter
Mao URATA as Hibari, the eldest daughter
Manami ENOSAWA as Akari, the youngest daughter

Executive Producer: Atsuko IWAI
Producer: Hisako IWAI
Director/Screen Play/Producer: Shinpei HAYASHIYA
Director of Photography:Toshiharu NAKAGAWA
Editing: Yutaka ARAI/Keiichi IMAMURA
Sound: Itsuo KOKEGUCHI
Music: Keiichiro KITAZONO
Production Design/Props/Cosutume: Hiroko SHIMIZU
Lighting: Keizo WATANABE
Plastic Arts: Replica Co., Ltd.

(c)2009 Crossroads Co., Ltd.