Born in 1960 in Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Meiji University,
majoring in Politics and Economics. He took an apprenticeship under Tadashi Yoyogi before establishing his own production company. His first feature film, Scout♀Man (‘00) was invited by Venice Int’l Film Festival. He received ‘New Director’ award from Japanese Director’s Guild in 2001. In 2005, he co-wrote and co-directed with Naoto KUMAZAWA on a feature that portrayed women who are just student or office worker by day, but work in sex industry by night.

Animation Maestro Gisaburo(Anime-shi Sugii Gisabur)
2010 YOYOCHU in the Land of the Rising Sex
2004 Tokyo Noir (“Girl's Life and “Night Lovers”)

 SCOUT♀MAN(Japanese Title PAIN)
  Directed and Written by Masato ISHIOKA


 Scout men are men who recruit young women into various services
 in the sex industry of Japan. They hang around on the streets and
 approach young women and recruit them into the sex industry.
 They solicit young women in public openly with no hiding of their
 intentions or motives. Their "profession" is not illegal, but against
 public morals, and it is a job in which they can make good money.
 The story is a young couple Mari (17) and Atsushi (20) who eloped
 and came to live in Tokyo from nearby city. One day Mari meets
 a girl named Kana who claims that she is 18 years old but in
 actuality she is only 15. Mari is surprised by Kana`s ability to earn
 a few thousand yen in a very short time. Meanwhile, Atsushi meets
 with Miki (24) an Adult Video actress, which eventually leads him
 to the world of Scout Man. However this causes a major problem
 between Atsushi and Mari...

 Miku Matsumoto, Hideo Nakaizumi, Yuka Fujimoto, Akihito Yoshiie,
 Shiro Shimomoto, Yuri Komuro
 Produced by Kiyo JOO/Director and Writer: Masato ISHIOKA/
 Cinematographer: Atsuhiro NABESHIMA/Sound: Hiroshi YAMAGATA/
 Editor: Toshihide FUKANO/Music: Kouji ENDO/Costume: Hisano OGURA/
 Make-Up Artist: Aiko TAKAKUBO/Production Manger: Kou KAJINO
 (C)2000 Gold View Co. Ltd.

 Naoto Kumazawa
 Born in '66. Began making independent films while at university and
 was invited to screen his works in the Yubari Film Festival's
 "Off-Theatre" section. Was awarded the "Business Jump Grand
 Film Prize." by the publisher of Business Jump magazine.
 In 1992, he entered the production company Pony Canyon where
 he participated in the production of "Swallowtail Butterfly,"
 "Ring," "Rasen" and "Hakkyou no Kuchibiru." He used his free
 time to continue directing independent films, including "Liberal"
 which was selected for the Pia Film Festival in 1994. He followed up
 with "Hobos" in 1997 and "Rainbow" in 1999. That same year,
 he left Pony Canyon to pursue his own work, including directing
 music videos and films.

 Tokyo Noir  

(35mm/color/127min total/Dolby SR/American Vista)
  Directed by Masato Ishioka Naoto Kumazawa
 Part 1: Birthday
 (Starring: Takami Yoshimoto/Director: Naoto Kumazawa/
  Writers: Yoko Urayama & Naoto Kumazawa)
 “My father disappeared on my seventh birthday. Since then, there has
  been no reason to celebrate my birthday.”
 Mari Kitajima (34) has been working at an Internet firm for 12 years.
 She gets the job done without compromise, but her much younger
 colleagues ridicule not only her old-fashioned sense at work,
 but also the fact that Mari is still single at her age. She actually has
 not dated with a man for many years now. She can't help but to feel
 that a mature woman is no use to anyone. She starts to experience
 frequent dizzy spells, not knowing what is wrong with her.
 One day on her way home, she meets with a mysterious hairdresser.
 He then transforms weary looking Mari into a beautiful woman at
 his salon. “You're so charming” says he and continues, saying
 he has work for her picking up guys in expensive hotels.
 Mari stares at herself in the mirror and almost by a spur moment
 of the decision she nods to him. Mari looks for men to pick up in
 the hotel and begins searching for ones who resemble her father….

 Part 2: Girl's Life
 (Starring: Aimi Nakamura/Director: Masato Ishioka/
  Writers: Hisako Kurosawa & Masato Ishioka)
 “I've been wounded but I'll get through it, although no one will
  probably ever understand…”
 College student Miyuki has been working part-time in a massage
 parlor for three months. The reason? Probably because her
 boyfriend Tomoya dumped her and started going out with a girl
 called Rika from the same university. Or it may be something
 to do with protecting herself, trying to maintain a shaky balance
 in her life? Then one day, Tomoya turns up at the massage parlor.
 He apologizes for the past.
 “Is it my fault that you're working here?” he asks. Miyuki,
 her repressed emotions overflowing, screams, “No!”

  Part 3: Nigh Lovers
  (Starring: Kimika Yoshino and Aya Seki/Directors: Masato Ishioka
  and Naoto Kumazawa/Writer: Masato Ishioka)
 “As the war in Iraq rages on, two women wander about searching for
  a place of their own in the dark night of Tokyo.”
 Office worker Nao (24) is shocked by the sudden disappearance of her
 boyfriend, Yuji. At a loss, she wanders the evening streets on the
 unlikely chance that she will run into Yuji. She is trembling from
 the fear that he dumped her. Her anxiety grows to the point that
 she begins to think herself as a woman with no value. Yet she still
 desperately looks for Yuji and by chance she gets to know through
 Internet a woman of the same name with Nao. This “NAO”(24)
 appears to be tied romantically to a number of men,
 under different names. “NAO” is actually a professional “lover”
 and writes diary on her home page about her life with many men.
 As Nao reads the diary, she begins to notice a sexual side of herself
 she doesn’t want to acknowledge, the side that was supposed
 to only yearn for Yuji…

 Producers: Yue Hayashi, Kiyo JOO,Tomohiro Kobayashi,
 Hiromichi Suzuki/Line Producer: Hirohisa Mukuju/
 Cinamtographer: Atsuhiro Nabeshima/Lighting: Yusuke Fukuda/
 Sound Recording: Yasushi Eguchi/Art Director: Tetsuji Tatsuta/
 Costume: Minori Niizaki/Hair and Make-up: Misuzu Manabe/
 Music: Joji Endo
 (C)2004 Tokyo Noir Production Committee

YOYOCHU in the Land of the Rising Sex

(115 min/HD/Blue Ray/Color/Stereo/16:9)
A documentary directed by Masato Ishioka

Since the dawn of adult videos (AV) in the early 1980s, director Tadashi Yoyogi, AKA “Yoyochu” became a prolific creator of pornographic films that were as popular as they were controversial. Today he is considered a great master in the world of adult videos and is often referred to as the Father of AV. Even now, at the age of 72 he continues to create adult videos.

Many of his works transcend mere sexuality and can be discussed from psychology, sociology, and psychiatry point of views. Although the AV market is still male oriented, his films do receive high marks from many women. Yet, this fact is not known by many. His final goal, through many trials and errors in different approaches, is to address the subject of how we can find and capture happiness in our lives.

This documentary introduces his life with its many twists and turns along with a universal theme that is hidden in his works. Based on testimonials from those who give high marks regarding the intellectual quality of his films and his writings, it gives an in-depth portrait of the director, Tadashi Yoyogi.

The film also reflects the era in which he worked and attests to the hidden history of Japanese cinema and the sex industry. It is an unusual piece of work that gives an in-depth look at the man who has been seeking humanity’s sexual nature and relations between sexes.